earbudsBecause their subject nature is so specific, podcasts are hyper-targeted by nature. We’re taking the approach of infusing high production values, localized content, and plenty of sharing to build audiences that are passionate and dedicated to the shows they love. They listen when and where they want, so you know they’re invested in what they’re doing.

Sponsorship is easy. Our host will read your :30 message prior to the start of each podcast they produce. We’ll also pause part-way through the podcast to thank you and read another short message. Then we’ll follow up at the end of the podcast with another quick thanks and a message with an encouragement for our community members to support our sponsors.

You’ll be supporting small, Louisville-based business while engaging with a dedicated local audience.

If you’re interested in working with one of our shows, please contact us and we’ll buy you a cup of coffee to talk it over.