What Happens Next

tileimprovLouisville Improvisors don’t like to plan anything and this podcast will be no exception. Each show will be a freewheeling, improvisational,  informational, relatable, sometimes debatable conversation with a veritable who’s who of Louisville cognoscenti. A hodge podge of Louisville greats and near greats. A smattering of the chattering class. ( You get the idea) We’ll tackle all issues, big and small, no limits and no holds barred. You want answers and we’ve got questions. We know what you’re thinking, “It can’t be done!” It can and will be done! Life is improvised, tune in and find out what happens next!







One reply on “What Happens Next

  • Rick Cook

    Dear Mr. Flack: MSD is denying, what we think is, obviously, a very legitimate claim that they caused serious damage to our sewer, in the process of their work done at our neighbor’s house. For decades our sewer had no major problems. Now, (and starting the day they worked at our neighbor’s house) we have come to a place where we can’t flush toilets (a health hazard), or put ANY water down the sewer at all. The only “help” they have offered is to give us an interest free loan on the thousands of dollars it would take to fix the problem that, we are sure, they caused! It’s a blood out of a turnip situation. We simply Do Not have hundreds of dollars, let alone thousands of dollars to spare. We are desperately hoping that you can help to persuade them to take responsibility. I can send you a copy of the letter we sent to MSD. It is a time-line summation of pertinent events. Thank You Very Much


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